Badge of the Week: First Letter Go-Getter

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This is the perfect chance to be a Type A personality!

First Letter Go-Getter: You better alpha-bet that this badge is going to be a fun one for you to earn! Get 100% on First Letter Africa BlitzFirst Letter Asia BlitzFirst Letter Europe BlitzFirst Letter North America BlitzFirst Letter Oceania BlitzFirst Letter South America Blitz, and First Letter US States Blitz.

There’s one date specific badges for you to earn this week:

Ramadan Mubarak: The holiest month of the Islamic calendar arrives this week. In honor of this sacred month, we have some quizzes for you to play! Earn the badge, or you’ll have to wait a whole year to grab it again! Play 5 Pillars of IslamMajority Muslim Countries, and Bible or Quran? on the day Ramadan begins (March 23, 2023).

And here’s a random badge from the vault!

Flower Power: Spring has sprung, which means it’s time to stop and smell the roses…and the tulips…and the daisies…and the petunias…and the irises…and the sunflowers…and the…well, you get the idea. Get 75% or more on FlowersPicking the FlowersMixed Word: Flowers, and Tricky-Clicky Minute: Flowers.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.