Sporcle Events Newsletter Bonus Questions – Week of 2/20

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2023)

Newsletter Bonus Questions
Week of 2/20/23

Monday 2/20Jim Nabors played what auto mechanic on The Andy Griffith Show before starring in a spin-off named after the same character?

Tuesday 2/21 – What brand of playing cards, introduced in 1885 and usually seen with its trademark printed on the ace of spades, is the flagship brand of the United States Playing Card Company?

Wednesday 2/22What is the colorful nickname of Jason London’s character in the 1993 film Dazed and Confused?

Thursday 2/23 – Fashion company Versace uses the head of what mythological figure in its logo?

Friday 2/24 – Of the seven continents, which is the only permanently inhabited one that does not currently have a monarchy?

Saturday 2/25 – In the U.S., the concertmaster of an orchestra is the leader of the first section of what string instrument?

Sunday 2/26 – What unit of currency, which is divided into 100 agora, is currently used in Israel?

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