Badge of the Week: You Give Love a Badge Name

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2023)
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Shot through the heart and you’re to blame…

You Give Love a Badge Name: The heart wants what it wants…and what it wants is this week’s badge! Whether you’re a lovebird or going solo today, this badge is for you. Get 50% or more on Click My Movie LoverLove TrianglesMusical Love Matches, and Love Is on the Air!.

There are two date specific badges for you to earn this week:

Cupid’s Arrow: The love themed badge as the main release isn’t a coincidence, since today is Valentine’s Day! If you’re not sick of love already, earn this badge…or you’ll have to wait until next year. Play Be My ValentineFollow the Directions – Feb 14th, and Profile: Saint Valentine on Valentine’s Day (February 14).

President Precedent: It’s President’s Day next Monday, and that means we here in the US have a much needed day off! Even so, use that time to hail the chief and earn yourself this only-once-a-year badge! Play at least 10 US Presidents quizzes on President’s Day (February 20, 2023).

And here’s a random badge from the vault!

Heart-Shaped Badge: Because two Valentine’s themed badges wasn’t enough for one week, here’s one more! Feel free to sing some Nirvana for the pun…or Neil Young for the content… while you do it, too. Get 50% or more on Flags That Have HeartThe Heart Quiz‘Heart of Gold’ Lyrics by Neil Young, and Heart-Shaped Foods by Picture.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

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