Sporcle Events Newsletter Bonus Questions – Week of 2/6

Newsletter Bonus Questions
Week of 2/6/23

Monday 2/6 – What brand of multivitamin from Pfizer has used the slogan, “Complete from A to Zinc”?

Tuesday 2/7 – What actress played a character named Debbie Downer in a series of sketches on Saturday Night Live?

Wednesday 2/8 – What two numbers are used to describe the aspect ratio used as the international standard format of HDTV?

Thursday 2/9 – A zephyr, named after the Greek god Zephyrus, refers to a wind blowing from which cardinal direction?

Friday 2/10 – Who was the first Democratic Party U.S. president elected in the 21st century?

Saturday 2/11 – Who has been nominated for a Golden Raspberry award for his work on eight different films, including Meet Dave, I Spy, and Imagine That?

Sunday 2/12 – What four-letter word for the desire for something to happen is the state motto of Rhode Island?

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