13 TikTok Trivia Facts You Can Dance To

No matter what sector of the internet you hole up in, you’re heard of TikTok. Either because you’re constantly on it, or because your local politicians won’t stop screaming about it. We’re probably not going to be changing your mind on TikTok, whatever your opinion on it might be, but here are some TikTok trivia facts. Maybe you can like… Dance to quick-cut royalty free music with them or something?

TikTok Trivia Facts

1. TikTok has been downloaded like 3 billion times

2. TikTok is actually an internationalized version of Douyin, a Chinese social media app that was released in September 2016

3. You might be wondering, then, how TikTok was able to explode into the Western market so quickly. TikTok did this by buying Musical.ly for about a billion dollars in 2017. All Musical.ly accounts were made into TikTok accounts just like that, and TikTok was able to hit the ground running immediately. 

4. By the end of 2022, TikTok had 1.8 billion active monthly users

5. In 2021, TikTok changed its privacy policy to allow it to collect biometric data on its users. This includes face and voice prints. 

6. But don’t worry, the big company says they’re not collecting it! That went well for Facebook. Also Twitter. Also Equifax

7. TikTok’s algorithm is so effective at surfacing random viral videos because each video is “tiered.” Videos are shown to progressively larger “test audiences” by way of your “for you” page and cast wider nets depending on how many people they capture. This is why some accounts have a lot of followers but comparatively few views per video. 

8. Remember that time TikTok got caught reading your clipboard

9. You can use a “secret” suite of TikTok emojis by typing something like “[smile]”. There are others, here’s a list. 

10. 60% of TikTok users are between the ages of 16-24. 

11. TikTok’s moderation guidelines are perhaps less than polite. Moderators are instructed to prevent posts made by people with “ugly facial looks” or who made videos from “dilapidated housing” (read: poor people) from surfacing on users’ “for you” pages. Yikes. 

12. 83% of TikTok users have posted a video

13. The average user spends about 1.5 hours on TikTok per day, which some people think is an absolutely insane number, but just think about how terminally online most of us are anyway. Whether most of that time is spent on TikTok or YouTube or Netflix doesn’t… really make that much of a difference. Probably. We’ve all got worms in our brains. 

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