The Globe League in 2023

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2023)

Are you ready to take your pub trivia experience to the next level? Look no further than The Globe League by Sporcle, the ultimate trivia league meets rewards program. The Globe League is getting a big overhaul in 2023 and we are excited to tell you about it. With The Globe League, you’ll be able to compete against teams from your backyard to all over the country, earn digital achievements, and even win cash prizes. And as always, it’s 100% free to join and participate in the Globe League.

Since 2009 as our days as Motor City Trivia, we have been a strong believer in league play. It brings a more personable experience to our shows and adds in a layer of competitiveness. Just like a bowling, softball, or fantasy sports league, Globe League play adds an extra level of excitement and camaraderie, connecting each game to another.  That’s why we’re excited to relaunch The Globe League, making it easier than ever for teams to participate and compete. With The Globe League, you’ll be able to track your progress and compete against teams from all over the country for leaderboard supremacy. You can join the league regardless if you are a player of Pub Quiz, Stump, Opinionation, or Virtual Pub Quiz…they all run leagues!


League Play

Throughout various points of the year, we offer free league play for registered teams. League seasons vary in length and always end with a League Championship at each location. In 2023, the first season runs from 2/6 – 5/21.

Each night, the top Globe Teams earn points towards the season leaderboard. The top team earns ten points, the second place team earns eight points, and so on.

The League Championships  occur at each location and are the culminating event of each season. Each team will be able to play during League Championship week, but only teams who have played at least 50% of a venue’s games during that season will be able to compete for the League Championship. Winning teams will receive early access to RSVP for The Globe Games, a digital Passport Stamp on their team page, a trophy on their venue’s page, and a discount code for SporcleCon passes ($25 off per team member).

Globe Games

The winner of each League Championship earn a trophy for their team page and have first dibs at RSVP’ing for our season-end Globe Games, which award $1,000 cash prize pools. We will hold multiple Globe Games in the areas with the most league participation.

Expect to see around 25 Globe Games per season, including ones for all of our game formats (including Virtual Pub Quiz). Locations for Globe Games will be announced 4-6 weeks ahead of time. The first Globe Games of 2023 happen on June 3rd.

Constant Connection

The Globe League also includes leaderboards, passport stamps, team pages, post-game recaps, and more. You can always see your location’s leaderboard by visiting their page on

Each team also has their own team page or hub. You’ll see all your Passport Stamps and trophies on these pages from over time.

Additionally, all Globe League captains receive a postgame recap after each game. This allows you to see how your team ranked both locally and nationally.

Cash Tour

The Globe League’s Cash Tour is a Sporcle trivia night event that offers players the opportunity to win cash prizes and bragging rights at various locations across the country. The tour schedule for 2023 has started to drop, with the first event taking place on February 7th at Spoon’s Place in Canton, Michigan.

Most weeks of the year will feature a handful of locations that award an extra $100 in prizes at certain locations. Cash Tour locations will be spread across the Sporcleverse and will include Pub Quiz, Stump, Opinionation, and Virtual games. If your team wins cash at a Cash Tour stop, you’ll fill out a prize form online and be paid within a week. Easy as that.

National Championship at SporcleCon

For the first time ever, Globe League teams can compete against other teams across the nation in the National Championship event to be held at SporcleCon. The event takes place Sept 8-10, 2023, with the National Championship event being held on Sept 10. The teams that have played the most games by August 15th and have purchased a SporcleCon ticket, will be invited to participate. Space will be limited, but we will take as many teams as we can fit. There will be a $2,500 prize pool at the National Championship.

The Globe League Has It All

To participate in The Globe League, teams can sign up at or via the Digital Answering Site when playing a game. Teams only need to sign up once and will use their Globe League number everywhere they play forever. Once you’re signed up, you’ll be able to track your progress and compete against teams from all over the country.

Whether you want to compete with yourself by earning Passport Stamps, compete against others in your bar during League Championships, win some cash at the Globe Games, or be crowned National Champion, The Globe League is for you and your team. Quiz you at the shows!

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