14 Grey’s Anatomy Trivia Team Names that Won’t Make You an MD

If you’re into medical dramas you’re probably at least somewhat aware of Grey’s Anatomy. Actually, if you exist anywhere in our terminally online world, you’re probably aware of the show because it has 19 seasons and 406 episodes. So, even if you don’t really care about medical dramas, you might just get brownie points for using a few Grey’s Anatomy trivia team names. Or you can be the ones who just pedantically correct everything about the show. There’s fun for everyone. 

Grey’s Anatomy Trivia Team Names

1. Team McSteamy

If you don’t think people will get the joke just capitalize the “TEAM” in “McSteamy.”

2. Look around you. Say hello to your competition.

Honestly, your boss referring to your new workplace and the culmination of your career path as a kind of crucible where you’re going to have to fight your classmates tooth and nail seems like a pretty inefficient way to get the best care for patients. 

At least we’d like to assume everyone opening us up in the OR is on the same team.

3. Team McDreamy

Honestly it’s just like a free slot considering it’s probably like… the one joke that has made it into pop-culture outside of the TV-sphere. 

4. Tequila!

They drink a lot.

5. Your Shift Starts Now and Lasts 48 Hours


6. Don’t wake me unless you are actually dying.

Are we still talking about Grey’s Anatomy or parenting?

7. The Musical Episode

Well here’s something that’ll just make you start actually dying. Or you really liked it. We dunno

8. Pick Us. Choose Us. Love Us.

Well, that’s certainly one way to try and get bonus points. Hopefully the trivia host isn’t your boss? Or maybe you’re just trying to communicate with the other teams? One of the dreamy or steamy ones.

9. It’s Character Death Time

Don’t get too attached. 

10. Spin-Off Central

There are like three now.

11. Somebody Sedate Us

Well you’re already at the bar, so…

12. Cereal Tossers

Maybe don’t do the whole cheating thing.

13. The Bus

Well. You know what the bus did. 

14. Shiny Happy People

Also Demi Lovato was in that episode.

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