Badge of the Week: Ready for My Close Up

(Last Updated On: October 31, 2022)
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We’re zooming to the end of the year, so why not a badge about zooming…sort of?

Ready for My Close Up: Inside scoop: We almost used Sunset Boulevard for this week’s badge art, but worried that approximately five people would get the reference we had planned out. Get 100% on the first 10 quizzes in the How Close… Playlist.

There are two date specific badges to earn this week!

Remember, Remember: Bonfire Night is this weekend, so watch V for Vendetta, partake in the festivities, get a good spot for the fireworks, and earn this badge — we know of no reason for you to forget. Get 75% or more on the V For Vendetta Opening Monologue quiz on November 5th.

Radiobadgtivity: Next Monday is Marie Curie’s birthday, and to celebrate, we made this badge! Play Portrait of a Scientist: Marie CurieMarie Curie Quotes, and Nuclear or Neutral? on Marie Curie’s birthday (November 7th).

And here’s a random badge from the vault!

Get Lost!: Bring a map or GPS so you don’t get TOO lost. Get 100% on Obscure Knowledge – Countries of AfricaCountries of AsiaCountries of EuropeCountries of North AmericaCountries of Oceania, and Countries of South America.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.