18 Disney Trivia Facts You Can Share At the Park (Or the Bar)

(Last Updated On: November 17, 2022)

Mickey Mouse was born on November 18, 1928–which means he’s been kicking around for like 94 years. The average mouse lives for about half a year in the wild. Which means Mickey Mouse has been kicking around about 188 times longer than the average. Honestly, that probably makes Mickey Mouse a god to his mice brethren. Odd thought. Anyway, if you’re looking for some Disney trivia facts on Mickey Mouse’s birthday, we have you covered.

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Disney Trivia Facts

1. The voices of Mickey and Minnie Mouse were married

2. Walt Disney would often have live animals on set for animators to use as reference material

3. Disney World is about 39 square miles, making it bigger than Manhattan

4. Bambi became a marine.

5. While there are a handful of animated and fictional characters on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Mickey Mouse was the first animated character to get a star. 

6. All that Magic Kingdom stuff at Disneyland is actually the second floor of the park.

7. People really like to scatter ashes at Disney parks

8. Yes, they just vacuum it up

9. Which is kind of funny since Disney’s alternate career path was to be a vacuum salesman. 

10. Mickey Mouse wears gloves so you can more easily see his hands

11. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit predates Mickey Mouse by about one year and was largely abandoned for Mickey Mouse.

12. There are like 100 feral cats just hanging around Disneyland

13. Optimus Prime and Eeyore share the same voice actor. 

He’s looking for the Allspark.

14. Disney parks have a no-fly zone over them. That’s the same protection as the White House. Violating the no-fly zone is considered a violation of national defense airspace. 

15. Ever see a picture of Walt Disney and his hands… Don’t really make sense? Well, the company cares a lot about its image, and one of the things it doesn’t like is being associated with smoking. Unfortunately for them, Walt Disney himself was an avid smoker. This is a long way of saying they photoshopped all the cigarettes out of his photos. 

16. Disney was originally going to pair Ratatouille with special wine as promotion for the movie. They backed out at the last minute after they realized they’d be advertising drinking alcohol in a kids movie, which is illegal. 

17. Disney spends a lot lobbying the US Congress to extend copyright protections for almost the sole purpose of keeping Mickey Mouse out of the public domain

18. There is often a contention that Mickey Mouse is based on a racist caricature called “Jigaboo.” It actually appears to be the other way around, where this character originated in 1994 and appears to be based on Mickey Mouse. However, it is still widely agreed that the creation of Mickey Mouse was based on minstrel shows and blackface. So… It’s not really a win for him. 

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