15 Thanksgiving Trivia Facts to Mess with Your Family

(Last Updated On: November 22, 2022)

You know how whenever Thanksgiving dinner kicks off there’s always that one member of your family that brings up something controversial and just spoils the entire mood? Have you ever wanted to be that person–but not in an angry way? Just… Someone who confusingly knows a lot of random facts that nobody knows why or how you know them. That’s probably an accurate description of anyone who regularly plays trivia, but that’s a secondary thing. Anyway, here are some Thanksgiving trivia facts you can use to mess with your family a bit. 

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Thanksgiving Trivia Facts

1. The first Thanksgiving took place over the course of three days.

2. John F. Kennedy was the first president to pardon a turkey.

3. Secondary, H.W. Bush was the guy who made it an annual thing.

4. Like rabbits and cows, turkeys have monocular vision owing to how their eyes are on the sides of their head.

5. The average American probably eats like 2,500 calories in one go for Thanksgiving dinner. That estimate can go up to 3,000 or even 4,000 calories, which is like eating seven Big Macs at once.

6. You can thank Thanksgiving, and specifically green bean casserole, for 40% of Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup sales

7. The idea that you’re gonna gain like 5 pounds over the holidays is largely an unsubstantiated myth. You’re probably not going to gain more than like 8/10ths of a pound over the entire holiday season

8. Turkey was probably not an object of desire at the first Thanksgiving

9. Mashed potatoes and stuffing are the most popular Thanksgiving side dishes.

10. 46 million turkeys are prepared for consumption every Thanksgiving. 

11. Minnesota prepares the most turkeys in the US. 

12. Apparently 30 million American households have green bean casserole per year. 

13. Despite like… A lot of Americans not liking green bean casserole. At all. 

14. Then-president Calvin Coolidge received a raccoon as a Thanksgiving gift. The raccoon was named Rebecca, and received an embroidered collar for Christmas. 

15. The first Thanksgiving was a diplomatically tense dinner; it basically followed the beginning of a genocide. It began with the mass-robbing of ancestral graves. While about half of the original settlers from the Mayflower died, the Wampanoag people taught them how to farm and survive the Winter. In return, they were sold into slavery and forced to convert to Christianity. Ironically by settlers who wanted their own freedom of worship. 

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