15 Black Friday Trivia Facts that Won’t Go on Sale

(Last Updated On: November 26, 2022)

If for some reason you’re going shopping physically on Black Friday, you might not have too much use for Black Friday trivia, since you’ll be busy getting into fights with other people over things that went on sale. If you’re not going to go shopping, might as well make fun of the tradition over some trivia facts. So here are some Black Friday trivia facts.

Black Friday Trivia Facts

1. The first time “Black Friday” was used wasn’t in reference to deep sales; it was used to describe a conspiracy in 1869 when investors tried to corner the entire gold market. 

2. Black Friday is the busiest day of the year for plumbers, 50% more calls are reported than any other Friday. Most of the time, these calls are because sinks are clogged thanks to people disposing of Thanksgiving food scraps wrong.

3. Thanksgiving was traditionally celebrated on the last Thursday of November until FDR’s presidency. Why? Well it’s because of Black Friday. Retailers were lobbying hard for this because they wanted the holiday farther from Christmas. You know, so people would just keep buying stuff. 

4. Back Friday spread to Canada because Canadian retailers were afraid of Canadian shoppers heading to the States for deals

5. Walmart is the reason Back Friday shopping got pushed up to start right after Thanksgiving dinner in 2011. Thanks. 

6. 12% of Black Friday shoppers are probably drunk

7. Teeth whiteners were the top seller of 2021 Black Friday.

8. 70% of Black Friday deaths/injuries take place in Walmart. 

9. Yes, people being abnormally awful on Black Friday is not circumstantial–it’s well-documented. 

10. The reason for people being hordes on Black Friday? The perception of inequity. Normally when you buy stuff you expect a “fair transaction” where you are promised an item and then get to have it. Unfortunately that doesn’t often happen since more people want cheap goods than there are cheap goods to go around.

11. Yeah, Black Friday is one of those things that is statistically deadlier than sharks. But so are vending machines.

12. Free shipping is the number one driver of Black Friday purchases.

13. The pandemic kind of nuked Black Friday in 2021. Online shopping declined for the first time that year ever. 

14. Though things are ticking back up in 2022.

15. No, you don’t really save on Black Friday.

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