18 Legal Trivia Team Names You Can Watch Law and Order With

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2022)

Going to court is probably closer to the bottom of things you want to do at any given time. There’s a lot of talking–sometimes about stuff you’re not all that interested in–a lot of legalese, and even more money involved. Especially when it’s you on the line. If you’re an attorney, telling a judge your counsel table’s team name in trial is also probably… Not the greatest idea. But at least you can use legal trivia team names when you’re doing bar trivia or watching like… Law and Order or something. 

Legal Trivia Team Names

1. You Can’t Handle the Truth

We can’t handle it when we get the answer wrong either.

2. The Sequestered

It sounds like a pretty cool team name until you realize it means you have to leave

3. Hung Jury

It’s also a good excuse for when you and your team can’t decide on the answer you want to submit.

4. The Entire Circus

You’re not just the clown, you are the entire circus

5. The Fighting Judges

Haha funny team name except a judge actually did lose it in trial one time and got into a real, physical fight with a public defender. 

Yes, it happened in Florida.  Did you really have to ask?


6. Billable Hours

If you work in a big law, uh… We’re sorry

7. Motion to Strike

We didn’t like that thing that was just said, so please remove it from the record. Thanks.

8. Just Justice

Very funny.

9. Objection!

Please don’t object to the host.

10. We’re Under Oath

Well since we can only tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth now; that means anything we say has to be true automatically, right?

11. Executive Producer Dick Wolf

12. Torts Illustrated 


13. Lawcapella

You are now obligated to sing everything.

14. Habeas Scoreplus

If we get the right to appear before a judge, we should also get the right to appear before the trivia host and argue why we’re actually right. 

15. Above the Bar

That’s right. We passed. 

16. With Due Process

Or we could just move onto the next question. 

17. Attractive Nuisances

The legal stuff is maybe less interesting if you don’t do it for a living.

18. We’ll See You in Court


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