16 Paranormal Trivia Team Names To Haunt the Bar

Spooky season is in full swing, which means if you’re hitting the bar for trivia (or really if you need a team name for any kind of function), you’re going to need some on-theme team names. If the competition is being super annoying, maybe you can just… poltergeist them. Anyway, here are some paranormal trivia team names.

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Paranormal Trivia Team Names

1. Demonologists

We actually came here for the paranormal investigation. Oops. 

2. Cookies and Scream


It’s a fine snack, and you can go possess a cookie across the room. 

3. Netflix and Chills

The idea of a ghost exclusively messing with people during Netflix and chill is kind of funny, but if you are that ghost and you are reading this, you’re a weirdo.

4. Witchful Thinking

Yeah, using a pun in this arena does make you a bit of a Basic Witch.

5. Paranormal Inactivity

Well. Let’s be real for a second. Most of the movies are inactivity.

6. The Graveyard Shift

Hey, ghost hunting often requires late-night work.

7. Edgar Allan Poe-sers

Unless you start writing literature that redefines how we talk about horror in writing, you’re probably going to look like posers next to Edgar Allan Poe.

8. Boos Clues

A blue dog is supernatural right?

9. Ghostess(es) With the Mostess

If you’re feeling a not-at-all-Latin-but-sounds-like-you-appropriated-Latin vibe, may we suggest Ghostus Mostus?

10. Frank-Einsteins

If someone comes at you with the “the doctor was the monster all along” take you’re legally allowed to take their drink. 

11. SquadGhouls

Do people still say “squad goals”?

12. Vamping

No like, we’re just trying to stall for time. Also we want blood, we suppose.

13. The Real Housewives of Transylvania

Vamping complete, we came up with a vampire team name.

14. Trivial Chainsaw Massacre

Not sure how well that will play in the police report. 

15. We See Dead People 

Spoilers for a movie that came out in 1999.

16. Silent Lambs

Well that’s going to make submitting answers a little tougher.

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