Badge of the Week: Her Majesty

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2022)
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We’re honoring the longest reigning monarch in British history as the Commonwealth transitions to a new era.

Her Majesty: For nearly everyone reading this, Elizabeth II was the only monarch known by the UK; help us honor her life and legacy. Play Queen Elizabeth II: A Life in PicturesDuring Queen Elizabeth II’s ReignQueen Elizabeth II Prime Ministers, and Countries Visited by Queen Elizabeth II.

Don’t forget to earn this week’s date-specific badge!

SporcleCon: SporcleCon is here! Celebrate whether you’re in attendance or not! Play 50 quizzes during SporcleCon weekend (September 23-25, 2022) or attend SporcleCon in person (and a staff member will award you the badge).

And here’s one more that can only be earned this week!

The Eve of Autumn: Autumn is here and we need to celebrate…with or without pumpkin spice lattes and decorative flannel shirts! Play 25 Fall quizzes on September 22nd.

And here’s a random badge from the vault!

Old Town Badge: Ride till you can’t no more. Get 50% or more on 2010s Song Title Match Up2010s Artists on Their Album Cover, and Follow That Lyric (2010s Songs).

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