20 Pirate Themed Trivia Team Names

(Last Updated On: September 15, 2022)

International Talk Like a Pirate Day is a real thing, and it happens every September 19th. But what is a pirate without a crew? So while you assemble your crew for trivia night, here are some pirate trivia team names you can use to annoy the entire bar with your bad pirate voice. Or impress everyone. We don’t know how good you are at pirate voices.

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Pirate Trivia Team Names

1. The Poop Deck Posse

Unfortunately for the 10 year old in us, the poop deck was not necessarily for pooping. Fortunately for everyone else, it means you have no excuse for pooping in not-the-toilet.

2. The Plank Walkers

Apparently walking the plank is not a very well documented phenomenon. But if someone is clearly dragging the team down, you can hold this over their head.

Or you’re all bad at trivia, in which case you all have to walk the plank. 

3. We Got a Jar of Dirt!

You’ll never be able to guess what’s inside it.

4. The Scurvy Squad

Who needs teeth anyway?

5. Salty Sea Sirens

Nobody wanted to listen to our singing. Sad. 

6. The Kraken Killers

Well you did release the Kraken, so it’s only fitting.

7. No Beards

Sorry Blackbeard, everyone happened to shave recently.

8. You Wouldn’t Download a Car

9. Skeleton Crew

Sometimes people cancel at the last minute. Sometimes they’re our best players, and we just send everyone that was left.

10. Shivering and Timbering

Please turn the AC down.

11. LimeWire’s Landlubbers

Never forget that you could pirate LimeWire Pro off of LimeWire.

12. Got Stuck in Davy Jones’ Locker

No really, we lost the key, send help.

Also that Davy Jones CGI is still good like over a decade later.

13. The Think Tankard

You’d think the rum would make us worse at answering questions. 

But that’s our secret. We’re always bad at answering questions.

14. Deck Swabbers

Aaaand now you have to mop the floor after last call.

15. R


16. We Got Booty

That’s right, we did squats today.

17. Lost at Sea

But we drove here?

18. To Err Is Human. But to Arr Is Pirate.

A concept.

19. Of the Hook

It’s crazy out there.

20. Queen Anne’s Revenge

Honestly just naming your team after a pirate ship isn’t a bad idea. 

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