19 Caffeinated Coffee Trivia Facts to Recite Really Quickly 

Lots of people reading this probably have a crippling need for caffeine in the morning, which you probably get from having coffee on an empty stomach before you actually get around to eating breakfast, which you end up regretting every single time. While you sit there regretting your now-upset stomach, why not stimulate your trivia knowledge with some coffee trivia facts?

19 Coffee Trivia Facts

1. The world’s first webcam was used on a coffee pot. Guess someone in the office wasn’t refilling the pot after finishing it. We’re kind of joking, but also kind of not, since the camera was set up due to how fast people were burning through coffee. Also it was called the “Trojan Room Coffee Pot.” Solid name.

2. One cup of coffee requires like 140 liters of water invested, since you have to grow the beans and stuff. 

3. If you like coffee so much you need it on the outside of you as well as the inside, a resort in Japan has a coffee pool. 

4. Black Ivory Coffee, despite sounding a bit oxymoronic, is the most expensive coffee brand. It’ll set you back about $50 per cup, or $2,500 per kilogram (like 2.2 pounds) of beans. If you’re wondering why it has “ivory” in the name, it’s because the coffee beans are first eaten by elephants and then harvested from their poop. 

5. It’s kind of a meme that Americans like coffee more than tea thanks to the Boston Tea Party, but drinking coffee was seen as a legitimate political statement against the British in the 1770s.

6. The Guinness World Record for “biggest coffee cup” is held by Colombia, and contains like 6,000 gallons (22,700 liters). Try that when you tell your doctor you only have one cup per day. 

7. Yes, decaf still has caffeine in it

8. Despite consuming the most coffee in the world, the United States only has two states that actually produce coffee. Hawaii and California. Puerto Rico, however, also has a coffee industry.

9. On the topic of consuming the most and producing the most, Brazil is the biggest coffee producer worldwide

10. Finland might not consume the most coffee as a country, but as far as per-person goes, Finnish people consume the most coffee on an individual basis. The average Finnish person has like three to four cups per day

11. Starbucks has a distinctly darker roast so they can sell milk, sugar, and cream to you

12. There’s a company out there recycling coffee grounds into fuel for vehicles or fireplaces

13. Coffee dates back to at least the 15th century. Records of its consumption prior don’t exist, and coffee probably started in what is now Ethiopia.

14. The CIA has its own Starbucks

15. Creme Puff the 38-year-old cat drank coffee on the daily. 

16. Coffee was linked to a longer lifespan by a 2018 study–well at least a lower risk of dying early. 

17. Don’t celebrate too much, because depending on your genetic luck of the draw, excessive coffee drinking can put you at greater risk for glaucoma

18. Beethoven allegedly needed exactly 60 beans in his coffee. He counted. 

19. Remember when we said “coffee bean” earlier? Well they’re not technically beans. They’re technically fruit pits

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