Badge of the Week: Rock It, Science

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2022)
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Whoever discovered the eardrum is no doubt playing percussion.

Rock It, Science: Tesla went electric way before Bob Dylan. Ben Franklin, too. The only question, really, is what scientist is the best at shredding. Play 5 quizzes in each Science subcategory you haven’t played before.

Here’s a badge for you to earn this week!

June Kaboom: Cool calendars don’t look at explosions…nor do they take off their sunglasses. Play 150 Minefield quizzes during the month of June.

And try to earn this week’s random badge from the archives:

Roy G Beast: This zebra has decided to dye its stripes, apparently. Get 100% on Find the Red AnimalsFind the Orange AnimalsFind the Yellow AnimalsFind the Green AnimalsFind the Blue Animals, and Find the Pink Animals.

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