14 Super Long Dog Show Names That Might Inspire You

(Last Updated On: May 7, 2022)

Someone reading this post might be looking to name a dog soon, in which case you might find something that will get the gears turning. Or you’ll find something truly heinous, which might be equally entertaining. Even if you’re not actively trying to name an animal right now, we promise you’re going to enjoy some of the best dog show names. Especially if you don’t watch dog shows and have no idea what they name their dogs, so here are some super long and weird dog show names.

1. Tickle Em Jock

Tickle Em Jock was born in 1908, and was the first Scottish Terrier to win best-in-show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. When Jock won in 1911 he got into a fight with the second place Walescott Invader, and bit a judge named H. Hildebrand Wilson. 

The names only get wilder from here.

2. Governor Moscow

Governor Moscow was the first English pointer to win Best in Show at the same Westminster show, just in 1925. He won because he “posed like a granite statue.”

3. Pouch Cove’s Alright Alright Alright

Yes, he’s named after Matthew McConaughey, where did you get that from? If not the name, then the fact that he’s the breeder’s favorite actor.

Also yes, Pouch Cove’s Alright Alright Alright responds to just “Matthew.”

4. Kodiak Acres Moves Like Jagger

From the same organization as Matthew comes Kodiak Acres Moves Like Jagger, shortened to just “Jagger.”

5. Joseter Mr. Blobby

Mr. Blobby the Cardigan Welsh Corgi has won Best in Breed a handful of times, including in the 2018 Crufts Kennel Club Dog Show. 

Mr. Blobby made a 2022 appearance at age 9 with 52 Challenge Certificates to his name too, and you can see him bouncing around here. He’s a little blobby.

6. Almanza Backseat Driver

(Photo by Katja Ogrin/Getty Images)

Speaking of the 2022 Crufts show, the Best in Show for 2022 was a flat-coated retriever named Baxer, who took the award after winning the Gundog Group title.

7. Afterglow Agent Orange

Except this one year old toy poodle actually responds to Waffle. He’s very well shampooed and conditioned, which is probably why he took second behind Baxer.

8. Temora Say It With Bacon

Bacon is an Australian Terrier who has a pretty long resume, with the Australian Terrier National Speciality; Best of Breed at Montgomery, Westminster, the AKC Invitational; and Best in Show at the AKC. 

9. Celebra’s Good Enough for Government Work

The Westminster breed winner from 2017-2019, Celebra’s Good Enough for Government Work’s call name is the much simpler “Gibbs.” He’s retired now, but he has had eight puppies since.

10. Foley’s Frat Party

We didn’t realize cocker spaniels could go to frat parties, but we guess Foley’s Frat Party (call name Charlie) is getting on top of breaking the mold. He is racking up a lot of awards at the Westminster show, though.

11. Chateau Rogue’s Va Va Va Voom

Call name Gertie, this French Mastiff is the only female dog to have won Best of Breed at Westminster. 

12. Penliath Bill Me Later

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi this time, she has 15 Challenge Certificates to her name, and you can see her bopping around at the Crufts 2022 show here, where the casters were mostly talking about the Queen’s corgi instead. 

13. Skyline Summerwind Order in the Court

Also known as Jango, he’s also-also known as “Smiling Dutchman.” Jango is a Keeshond who has won five all-breed Best in Shows.

14. Starfire’s Spank Me Hard, Call Me Crazy

Yes, this is a real name of a real pomeranian that won an award in 2017’s AKC Royal Canin National All-Breed Puppy Stakes. 

See if you know the most popular dog names here.



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