1,000 Cheers for Hejman!

(Last Updated On: May 1, 2022)

Here at Sporcle HQ, we spend a lot of time discussing new achievements – first publishes, Crazy Ivans, and the like, but every once in a while we have to stop and appreciate the incredible accomplishments put forth by longtime users. The loyalty and dedication of our longtime users really helps keep the site running, and nowhere is that more true than with our Miscellaneous Editor and Moderator extraordinaire: Hejman!

Hejman has been a member of our site since 2008, meaning he’s been here since almost the very beginning of the site’s founding. And he’s ALWAYS been an active part of this community — contributing content from the very start of users being able to do, helping out as an Editor since the start, and spearheading so much of what makes this site great.

His dedication to the site has now seen him achieve something that has only been done by two other users (and the SporcleEXP account): 1,000 publishes! Today’s publish for him, 600 HR Click-a-Pic, puts him in this extremely rare echelon of content creators, and also puts him up there with an amazing efficiency, considering more than half of his contributions have seen publication to the front page!

Everyone here at Sporcle HQ is in awe of Hejman’s dedication and commitment to amazing quality. So whether today’s publish is your first time playing one of his quizzes OR if you’ve been a solid Hejmanite since his very first publish, Movie Villians by Crimes, join us today in celebrating this wonderful accomplishment!

One last time, a huge congratulations for our friend Hejman! On to 2,000, but take time out today to kick back and reflect on this amazing accomplishment!

Click here to get a heaping helping of Hejman quizzes and let the celebrations continue!