What was the song “The White Stuff” by Weird Al about?

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2022)

Weird Al

Weird Al Yankovic released the song “The White Stuff” on his 1992 studio album Off the Deep End. But what part of pop culture was the brunt of Weird Al’s parody in the song? Perhaps the album cover can give us a clue. While debatable, the album cover for Off the Deep End is certainly one Yankovic’s most iconic as it spoofs Nirvana’s famous album Nevermind.

Weird Al Off the Deep End

Even though Weird Al is chasing a donut on the album art, that’s not the white stuff he was singing about in the song. Perhaps this section of the song’s lyrics will give a clue:

The first time that I tried it
Got a big sugar buzz
Nothing gets me high as that sandwich cookie does
But I love the filling most
I rub it on my roast
Mix it in with my coffee and spread it on my toast

That’s right. “The White Stuff” is about those iconic cookies that you love to dip in your milk. Oreos.

Weird Al goes way beyond cookie parodies

Since beginning his career, Weird Al has recorded over 150 parodies and original songs. One of our favorites is “My Bologna,” a parody of The Knack classic, “My Sharona.” Whenever Weird Al tours, he regularly puts on a fantastic show.

We’ve got 35 great Weird Al songs in this quiz. See if you can name the songs they parody. 

This blog was inspired by a question at Pub Quiz and Stump! Trivia by Sporcle games across the country on April 20, 2022. That question was: “Weird Al” Yankovic parodied the song “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” for a song about what food product? As you now know, the answer was Oreo Cookies.

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