Introducing: The Globe

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2022)
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(We’re impressed we’ve kept this one a secret until now, especially given how excited we are!) 

Coming April 1, 2022: The Globe by Sporcle. The Globe replaces and enhances the league play teams have come to love. Players who sign up for the Globe will see their team’s stats more easily, compete for cash prizes, earn digital passport stamps, view post-game details, and more!  

League Play and Cash Prizes

League Championships

League Championships replace Venue Tournaments. Partnered venues will host League Championships four times a year. These championships will only be open to Globe teams who have played at least 50% of their games at a given location. 

Example: We Drink Because We Teach played 8 games at Bob’s Bar and 3 at the Watering Hole. They are eligible for the Bob’s Bar’s League Championships but not the Watering Hole’s. (Assuming that both locations were participating in the Globe for the entire season.)

League Seasons

Teams can join at any time during the season. Championships will occur during the final week of each season.
In the event that a show is canceled during the final week of the season, the following week will double as Week 1 of the next season and also the League Championship.
Venues that join mid-season must host at least 4 game nights to be eligible for League Play.
Championship weeks that coincide with religious holidays will be adjusted to accommodate players of all faiths. More information to come.

2022 Seasons
There will not be a Winter season in 2022.

Spring: April 1–June 30
Summer: July 1–September 30
Fall: October 1–November 30

The Globe Games

Teams can compete for their share of $25,000 on December 10th, 2022 at select partnered venues. The location of Globe Games will be announced along with registration details, which means we will select locations based on their proximity to eligible teams.

The prize pool for 2022 is $25,000. The prize pool will be distributed according to the number of teams playing in each game. 

Teams that win a League Championship during the calendar year will have first dibs at signing up for the Globe Games. Following that, registration will be on a first-come-first-served basis to teams that have competed in 10 games during the calendar year. 

Cash Tour

Beginning in Fall 2022, Globe teams will be eligible to participate in exclusive, invite-only cash prize gams as part of our Globe Cash Tour.

Team Pages & Passport Stamps

Team Pages

The Globe gives teams their own hub on Each team will have their own team page where they can view stats and their team roster (by username), and display their Passport Stamps. The stamps will begin showing up on pages in the early summer of 2022.


Team pages are a great way to not only share accomplishments but also size up the competition. Strategize what venue you’ll play at next, or simply bask in your excellence—there’s no right or wrong way to use these statistics!

Displayed statistics include:

  • Most Recent Game Recap
  • Number of Games Played (with score and rank)
  • Game Format Most Played
  • Average Score
  • Home Venue Rank
  • State Rank
  • National Rank
  • Passport Stamp Collection
  • Personal Records (ex. Top Score in each game format and when it was achieved)

Passport Stamps

Globe teams are rewarded for their achievements with Passport Stamps that are showcased on their team’s page. 

Teams earn Passport Stamps for ranking in 1st–3rd place during regular-season games, as well as special Passport Stamps for placing in a Championship. Stamps are also awarded for completing Challenges like playing a certain number of games or at a number of different venues.

Other Passport Stamps will include:

  • Games Played (by game type)
  • Total Points Earned (by game type)
  • Weekly Streak (a new stamp for each week you play in a row)
  • Total Wins
  • Content Based

Other Perks

Post-Game Recap

All registered team members receive post-game recaps, not just team captains!


Globe Teams and members receive exclusive discounts on Virtual Trivia, Private Events, and more!


Globe members will have exclusive access to a dedicated prize pool during SporcleCon’s Battle of the Brains.

Partnered Venue Pages

See the stats for every team in every game on each partnered venue’s page. Instead of only displaying stats for registered teams that played a given quiz night, the full scoreboard is on display! These pages also show the previous season’s Passport Stamp earners.

But wait, there’s more!

Globe members will be the first to know about additional offers, new games, and all other exciting developments within the Sporcleverse. Be sure to sign up on April 1 so that you can get the most out of your quiz nights!