Badge of the Week: Brazil Nuts

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2022)
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We’re bananas about Brasilia, super passionate about São Paulo, and really dang jazzed for Rio De Janeiro!

Brazil Nuts: South America’s biggest country in the world gets a badge celebrating its culture, sports, and nature! Get 50% or more on Brazilian Cuisine by DescriptionBrazilian Football Players21 Images in Portuguese, and Amazon Animals.

There are no date specific badges for this week, so make sure you build up your plays for this badge!

Mission to March: Ground control to Sporclers — we’ve got quite the mission for you — start digging into the uncharted territory of our Quiz Lab! We promise it’s safe…except for maybe the minefields. Play 250 total unpublished quizzes in March.

And here’s another badge for you to earn this week from the archives:

Mad Scientist: You don’t have to have a doctorate in mad science to get this badge, but it can’t hurt either. Get 100% on Super Science BunkerSuper Science Bunker II, and Super Science Bunker III.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.