A New Era for Sporcle Events

(Last Updated On: April 18, 2023)

“Survive and advance.” You’re familiar with that term if you watch your brackets get busted each year or cheer on a random school that you have no idea where they’re from. Each March, tournament teams in the NCAA try to survive and advance.

In the past two years, in the world of Sporcle Events, we’ve been trying to survive and advance.

When Covid struck, we went from hosting 700 games per week to zero.

Today, we’re grateful, and it’s starting to feel more like “advance” than survival. And we have our loyal players, hardworking staff, amazing hosts, and bar partners to thank for that.

We haven’t always gotten it right in the past two years, but we’ve certainly done our best with the hands dealt. You’ve stuck with us through our launch of virtual trivia (which is here to stay), new products like Trivia Hunt and Mish Mash, a merging of game formats, digital answering, and our relaunch back into pubs nationwide.

It’s been a lot to put on our loyal fans, and we are sincerely thankful for all of you. You helped us survive and advance.

As we begin this next iteration of Sporcle, we are taking this opportunity to launch many things we’ve been working on (some for years). We also have recognized that our scrambling over the past few years, along with the acquisition of Stump! and OpinioNation, we needed to tighten up some branding.

Here’s what’s new:

New Sporcle Logo

You should start to notice a new Sporcle logo in most places (online and offline). Our new logo encapsulates our feeling of what Sporcle is – a robust quiz community. Some use Sporcle to play quizzes online, and others use it as a way to compete and connect with their friends via live games.

Read more about the logo here.

Changes to Game Names

In the past few years, we’ve created new games and acquired companies to be a part of the Sporcle brand. As we move forward, when you encounter a Sporcle product, we want you to know it’s a Sporcle product. Our previous names/logos didn’t always accomplish that. To the point, when we named each pub quiz game “Stump! Trivia Quiz” last summer, we had many people confused, thinking Sporcle had gone out of business. Red Bull was actually an inspiration here as well. Whether, it’s an energy drink, air race, bull riding, or pro soccer team, you always know it’s a part of their brand as Red Bull is in the name.

Moving forward, we are pleased to offer these games:

  • Pub Quiz by Sporcle – This is the same trivia game you’ve all played. A combination of wager questions, mystery rounds, visual, audio, and a big final question. Find an upcoming Pub Quiz near you!
  • Stump Trivia by Sporcle – This might sound odd, but this is the same game as Pub Quiz by Sporcle. However, we believe strongly in the Stump brand name in the area it was born – New England. All New England states will run this game as we celebrate the name that’s been around since 1999. Learn more about Stump Trivia!

Game Logos

Additionally, each of those new products has its unique logo with “by Sporcle.” Our inspiration for the icons in the logos comes from many places, but one worth mentioning here is the Olympics. Each Olympic event has its icon each year, and we gave the same treatment to our games here.

The Globe

Hopefully, by now, you’ve heard about The Globe. The Globe is what sets Sporcle apart from other pub trivia companies. At its core, The Globe is a trivia league meets rewards program! It incentivizes players to become regulars through league play, digital achievements, leaderboard supremacy, games with cash prizes, and more!

Join The Globe here!

What to Look Forward To

This is all just a start. We have so much more in the works. A few things:

  • Pop-Up Cash Prize Games
  • Trophies
  • New Team Pages
  • A Fresh New Look for Sporcle.com
  • A New Sporcle App
  • Passport Stamps Based on Content (i.e., 50 Science Questions Correct)
  • Significant Enhancements to our Digital Answering System

So, it’s a new day here at Sporcle. We are so grateful you’ve stuck with us and even more excited for the future. Let’s build these quiz communities nationwide back up. Thank you!



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Mark is the current Vice President of Entertainment at Sporcle. He founded Motor City Trivia back in 2009, which is what Sporcle Events is today. After hosting and attending thousands of pub quizzes over the last decade plus, he likes to write about some of his favorite trivia tidbits.