16 Batman Trivia Team Names to Fight Crime With

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2022)

There’s a new Batman movie coming soon, again. With a new guy playing Batman. Again. That makes Robert Pattinson like the 11th person to play Batman, depending on whether or not you include voice acting. If comics weren’t so crazy with their superhero aliases, Batman might be the one guy whose live-action portrayals rival the amount of people who have assumed the title of “Batman” in the comics. Anyway, you’re here for trivia team names, because Batman probably has one of the more recognizable rouge’s galleries. Also you get to go to the pub and talk in an annoying gravelly voice.

Batman Trivia Team Names

1. The Court of Owls

If you don’t know what that means, you might be left going “who?”

2. Robin’s Hoods

Where does he keep them all anyway?

3. Making it Wayne

We know you have the money to afford a car that is also a plane that is also a boat that is also a tank, you don’t have to rub it in.

4. Bat Family

Family reunions where you all get together in a known location must be a terrible idea for a family that has made the enemy of many organized crime syndicates, no?

5. Dead Parents

Too soon?

It’s fine every movie that even references the existence of Batman now needs to have the pearls in the street scene.

6. Chicken Nightwings

Also use this name if you get hungry at like midnight for takeout wings or something.

7. Riddler Trophies

If you know. You know. 

8. Vigilantea and Coffee

Even someone like Batman probably takes a break now and then to drink tea.

9. Killing Joke

Widely considered one of the more (if not the most) popular Batman comic series, this team name may also be a nice way to play off your score if you do poorly.

10. Not Wearing Hockey Pads

Helps to have a bat-tank too.

11. Manbat

Nothing special about this name, it’s just here to make people think “wait that can’t be real.” Because then they will look it up. It’s real.

12. The Bane of Your Existence

Bane has it made, master tactician and juiced up on super-steroids. No wonder he broke the bat.

Wonder if that venom is also good for trivia wins?

13. The Dark Knights of Round

It’s actually a council of all the actors who have played Batman.

14. Martha

With this name, everyone else will be too distracted wondering where you learned that name to get all the answers right.

15. Oracles

This team name won’t let you see the answers ahead of time, though. 

16. I’m Batman.

Yes. We know. 

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