14 Valentine’s Day Trivia Facts to Take Out

(Last Updated On: February 15, 2023)

It’s Valentine’s Day, which means you’re either spending your time with someone special or you’re really annoyed at all the people who are and won’t stop talking about it. That’s okay though, because we have trivia, and do you know what will never leave you alone without anyone to talk to? Cold, hard facts that you probably didn’t need to know anyway. Let’s not think too hard about that though, and instead think about some Valentine’s Day trivia team names.

Valentine’s Day Trivia Facts

1. There have been at least two Saint Valentines. 

2. Cupid’s origin has nothing to do with saints, and instead from the Greek deity Eros. He’s a mischievous god of love with the power to make people fall in love (familiar?). 

3. Americans are expected to spend like $23.9 billion on Valentine’s Day things in 2022. In 2021 it was like $21.8 billion.

4. Also the average person celebrating Valentine’s Day spent like $165 on it in 2021. Specifically those celebrating it–so no shenanigans behind trying to do the math for all the single people.

5. Pope Paul VI took Saint Valentine’s Day off the Roman Calendar of Saints in 1969.

6. The oldest record of what we might consider a more contemporary “valentine” was probably written in 1415.

7. Valentine’s Day is one of the largest holidays for exchanging greeting cards, with roughly 145 million exchanged per go.

8. King Henry VII declared Valentine’s Day a holiday in 1537. You know, the guy who had six wives. Two of which he beheaded. Weird flex, but ok.

9. Those little heart candies with cute messages on them used to be lozenges. Like medicine. Eugh.

10. The Western conception of the heart as a symbol of love–particularly on Valentine’s Day–is probably thanks to European artists in the 14th century.

11. Chocolates and roses are better at getting a positive response nearer to Valentine’s Day than any other time. Honestly, we just like free candy. 

12. “XOXO” has really confusing origins.

13. While Valentine’s Day spending is on the rise, less people are celebrating it at all. Almost 50% of consumers–whether they’re single or they just don’t care (could be both we guess?) don’t do anything for Valentine’s.

14. That rise might be because there’s an increasing trend for experiential gifts.

See if you know things about Saint Valentine here. Also, if you do it on Valentine’s Day you get a badge.



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