20 “Super” Mario Trivia Team Names

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2022)
Mario Trivia Team Names

Long have multiplayer Mario games proven to be the ultimate friendship testers. If your friend group has made it through a game in Mario Party or a race in Mario Kart without vowing to never speak to each other again, then you have succeeded where many have failed. Nothing, not even high-stakes pub trivia, can come between you. So when you round up the gang for your next trivia event, consider choosing one of the magnificent Mario-themed team names listed below. That way, when your buddy Roger misremembers the title of that one Oscar-winning movie and costs your team a precious point, you can remind yourselves that if your friendship can withstand freaking Blue Shells, it can withstand anything.

20 “Super” Mario Trivia Team Names

1. Princesses in Another Castle

They’re where you’d least expect them!

2. This Means Wario

So this guy just stole Mario’s outfit, changed the color scheme, and flipped the “M” upside down? This means Wario.

3. Delete Your Bowser History

The next step after this is to delete all Bowser cache and render him penniless.

4. Sacrificial Yoshis

One day, the Yoshis you sacrificed to get that extra lift onto the next platform will have their revenge.

5. The Alternate Reality Where Chris Pratt Isn’t Mario

First Mario, then Garfield. No rotund animated man is safe from the Worst Chris™.

6. We Toad the Line

Toads are staunch monarchists at heart.

7. The L-ouija Boards

Warning: Do not operate L-ouija boards without a vacuum cleaner provided by Professor E. Gad.

8. Banana Karma

You know how, in Mario Kart, when you put down a banana and forget about it until you come back around on your next lap and wipe out on that very same banana? That’s the energy you’d invoke with this team name—the energy of Chekhov’s banana.

9. Those Mouthwatering Steak Cubes from Mario Party

We just think they look yummy.

10. Donkey Kong Says, “Trans Rights!”

It happened. It’s real. And Donkey Kong only speaks the truth.

11. Are You There, God? It’s-a-Me, Mario

A coming-of-age story about Mario’s experiences with puberty and finding religion.

12. Quizzer’s Fury

Make sure your trivia questions are properly researched and utterly unambiguous, or else you risk igniting the Quizzer’s Fury.

13. Another Brick in the Waluigi, Part 2

We don’t need no waahhhh control.

14. Faster Than a Speeding Bullet Bill

If Superman could be defeated by a man jumping on his noggin, Lex Luthor would have a much easier (if much less dignified) time.

15. The Jiggle Physics of Mario’s Nose

Super Mario Odyssey broke the mold in how the laws of physics were implemented in game engines by applying to Mario’s nose a jiggle that was hitherto reserved for women in Dead or Alive.

16. Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bob-omb

At the intersection of Mario and Arrested Development are Bob-omb jokes.

17. Three Goombas in a Trench Coat

All they want is to be taken seriously as one tall person.

18. Blue Shells

If you’re in first place, you’d better watch out, because this team is ready to use all the catch-up mechanics at its disposal.

19. The Implications of the Super Crown

So if Toadette puts on the Super Crown, she becomes Peachette; if Bowser puts on the Super Crown… 

20. Shigeru Miyamoto’s Fan Club

All hail Mr. Nintendo.

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