Badge of the Week: Thank You For Being a Friend

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We’re paying tribute to everyone’s favorite resident of St. Olaf and the actress who played her.

If you missed the announcement over the holiday break, in addition to the eighteen bonus badges we released right before 2022 started, the badge team has made the switch to just one new badge each week, giving you a chance to focus on badges you might have missed while offering up some new opportunities. As the month goes on, you’ll get a chance to see what we have in mind!

Thank You For Being a Friend: A rest in peace to one of America’s most beloved television icons in the wonderful Betty White. Get 100% on Younger or Older Than Betty White?Golden Girls ThemeBetty White TV AppearancesBetty White’s Emmy Nominations, and Comedies with Leading Women.

Don’t forget that there’s a badge for you to earn this upcoming week!

I Have a Dream: Next Monday, we honor a civil rights legend with this once a year badge opportunity. Get 50% or more on I Have a Dream!Profile: Martin Luther King Jr., and Who’s That With Martin Luther King, Jr.? on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (January 17, 2022).

And this week’s featured badge from the archive:

A Tall Order: We recommend a ladder for reaching the heights of this badge’s demands. Get 100% on Best Picture Settings In OrderUS Holidays in Order, and First 18 Elements in Order.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.