Badge of the Week: BadgishGirl98

(Last Updated On: January 24, 2022)
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Curl up with a good book….or ninety-eight of them!

If you missed the announcement over the holiday break, in addition to the eighteen bonus badges we released right before 2022 started, the badge team has made the switch to just one new badge each week, giving you a chance to focus on badges you might have missed while offering up some new opportunities. As the month goes on, you’ll get a chance to see what we have in mind!

BadgishGirl98: We have WAY more than 98 reasons to celebrate our Literature Editor, but that’s a good start! Beat the average score on 15 quizzes each from BookishGirl98’s 4-to-1 Blitz and Missing Word Crossword playlists.

We don’t have any date specific badges this week, so why not make progress on this month-long quest!

Just For January: Have some fun in the second half of the month by trying some quizzes you haven’t played before! Play 200 Just for Fun quizzes you haven’t played before in January.

And this week’s featured badge from the archive:

Fast Blast: Random clicking is probably going to make this badge quite hard to get. Get 100% on Multi-Category Minefield Blitz IIIIIIIV, and V.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.