Badge of the Week: Almost Useless-er Trivia

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We’re starting a new era in badges…with a sequel badge!

If you missed the announcement over the holiday break, in addition to the eighteen bonus badges we released right before 2022 started, the badge team has made the switch to just one new badge each week, giving you a chance to focus on badges you might have missed while offering up some new opportunities. As the month goes on, you’ll get a chance to see what we have in mind!

Almost Useless-er Trivia: We’re reasonably sure that this IS how comparative adjectives work. Get 100% on Almost Useless Trivia IXXXIXIIXIIIXIVXVXVI, and XVII.

In addition to this week’s badge, we’ll also be reminding you about date specific badges you can earn this week!

Totally Trivial: Here’s one piece of trivia for you – there’s a Trivia Day! And it’s today (if you’re reading this on the day the blog goes live)! Play 25 total Trivia quizzes on Trivia Day (January 4).

We’ll also be featuring recommended badges for you to earn!

Blast from the Past: If you don’t go back and earn this badge, that’ll ex-stink-t. Get 100% on Centuries of History MinefieldWar BunkerSail to the New World!, and Chronological Presidents.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.