New Badges: Just Say Noldeh, A Passage to India, and The Good Book

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How we decide on each week’s badges is naan of your business.

Just Say Noldeh: We’re celebrating our Television Editor by asking you to outperform others on some pop culture quizzes! Beat the average score on 10 Noldeh Music quizzes and 10 Noldeh Television quizzes

A Passage to India: Hopefully, you can get this badge without needing to curry our favor. Get 50% or more on 20 English Words That Come from IndiaComplete the Bollywood Film Name24 Indian Dishes, and Famous Indians Slideshow.

The Good Book: There are lots of good books, of course, but when we’re capitalizing, we’re referring to one SPECIFIC book. Play 15 total Bible and 15 total Scripture quizzes.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.