22 Festive Trivia Team Names for the Holidays

(Last Updated On: December 5, 2021)

It’s December now. If your friends didn’t put up their holiday decorations immediately after Halloween ended, then they’re definitely getting excited about it now. Even if you don’t have any super-holiday-hyped friends, you’re probably picking up the whispers of some of the holiday festivities already–you definitely will be picking up on it very soon. So you don’t get left behind by people putting up colored lights already, here are some festive trivia team names to get yourself started. 

Festive Trivia Team Names

1. Naughty Nutcrackers

Walnuts and chestnuts won’t be the only nuts you can get to cracking.

2. Santatizers

Now it’s on brand for you to be the group that’s spraying every single other person in the room with hand sanitizer.

3. Merry Quizmas!

For those whose Christmas wishlist often includes wanting to know all the answers.

4. The Moist Bandits

We’re not really good enough at burgling to be the wet bandits. More of a… Damp inconvenience. 

We guess they’re sticky now, anyway.

5. Just Keep Spinning

Far more effective if you bring a dreidel to trivia night.

6. The Noel it Alls

Nobody go off and be a know it all by pointing out this just means “The Christmas it alls” in another language.

7. The Myrrh the Merrier

If you’re celebrating with myrrh you can say the more myrrh the merrier just to turn everything into an annoying tongue twister.

8. The Silent Knights

Hopefully you’re not super loud and belligerent, otherwise people will keep bugging you to live up to your namesake.

9. Lumps of Coal

But when you go on a hot streak, you’ll really be on fire.

At least you’ll be able to keep somebody warm?

10. We’re Fab-yule-us

And nobody is going to be convincing us otherwise.

11. The Grinch’s Gang

Time to ruin everyone else’s holiday by getting every single question right.

12. Gifted

Now you get to live with the crushing knowledge that after being called “gifted” you now have developed a really bad fear of failure and drop skills you’re not immediately good at for fear of being perceived as a failure by others.

Oh. You were talking about holiday gifts. That too we still have to do our gift shopping.

13. Festivus for the Restivus

Happy non commercialized but will probably be commercialized eventually because that’s the world we live in day!

14. Covid Kringles

Make sure to stand 6 feet away. It’s not just a safety thing. We also just don’t want to talk.

15. Ho-ho-hos

If you make someone say it out loud, they’ll figure it out.

16. Cheeses of Nazareth

You can try these pick-up lines on people who use this team name. Or if this is the name you chose to use.

Not sure how we feel about having our last supper be cheese, though.

17. Team Krampus

Sometimes you just have to go all in when you’re on the naughty list.

18. The Ghost of Trivia Night’s Future

That’s why we know all the answers.

19. The Hanukkah Haus

Throw in some other Hanukkah cocktails like a Menorah Martini or something too.

20. Santa’s Helpers

We’re trying to lobby for Santa to make us his paid helpers.

21. Die Hard Is a Christmas Movie

Exhibit A: Why Die Hard Is a Christmas Movie

22. Christmesses

It’s 2021. We’re all messes, let’s be honest. We’re almost at 2022 and we haven’t even fully processed like 2016 yet. 

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