A Holiday Present from Us to You: Bonus Badges!

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A bonus bonanza of badges to celebrate the new year!

Hey Sporclers! As we ring in the new year, we’re making some major changes to the way badges work — there’s a post in groups explaining the changes going forward, but to help transition into the change, we decided to end the year by delivering you with EIGHTEEN bonus badges to end the year properly!

Be My Valentine: We promise that if you say yes, we’ll go 50/50 on the bill; just make sure to bring globe-shaped chocolates. Play 25 total Valentine’s Day quizzes.

Bible Bars: Church would be a lot more…odd…if the preacher started dropping rhymes like a rapper. Play 25 total Verse quizzes.

Building Character: Part of us wants to see a plot-based TV show that has no characters just to see how that would work. Play 200 total TV Characters quizzes.

Cinematic Adventure: We have it on good authority that film reels can be just as heroic as most action stars. Play 125 total Movie Resume quizzes.

Eggs-cellent Easter: You don’t actually need to go on an Easter Egg hunt (or find a bunny) in order to get this one. Play 25 total Easter quizzes.

Home of the Badge: We tried to fit all fifty states in the art, but California turned out to be a bit too big. Play 200 total United States quizzes.

It’s a Small World: We’re nicknaming this ‘The Badge That’s Going to Wind Up Being the Single Most Earned in 2021’ thanks to the magic of backfilling. Play 250 total Geography quizzes.

Lands Down Under: Grab some Vegemite, put some shrimp on the barbie, and make sure to see a whole lot of islands. Play 100 total Oceania quizzes.

North American Free Badge Agreement: From Canada to Panama, and from Alaska to the Caribbean, there’s a lot of ground to cover. Play 200 total North America quizzes.

Pious Planet: We’re celebrating some of the other religions of the world — by putting the Earth in a halo. Play 25 total World Religions quizzes.

Pope Opera: Considering how many Popes have been Italian, we can’t really be surprised by their amazing pipes. Play 25 total Catholicism quizzes.

Preach to the Choir: Whether it’s traditional hymns or contemporary religious pop, it’s all covered here. Play 25 total Religious Music quizzes.

Ring Leader: Fun fact: Kyrgyzstan has won seven total medals at the Olympics; no golds yet, though — but there’s always 2022. Play 100 total Olympics quizzes.

See the Sights: Here’s a chance to go around the world from the comfort of your own computer or smartphone! Play 100 total Landmarks quizzes.

Show and Tell: TV shows, stage shows, and Westminster Dog Shows are all fair game here — well, maybe not the Dog Shows. Play 200 total Show quizzes.

Tailgate: This is your chance to finally show off your knowledge of the history of Division III bowling. Play 200 total NCAA quizzes.

Take Me to Church: Whether it’s a local church or an enormous cathedral, have some faith and earn some badges. Play 25 total Church quizzes.

You Can’t Sit With Us: You don’t need to be a Plastic to do well with these quizzes, but it can’t hurt. Play 200 total Popular quizzes.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.