17 Space Trivia Team Names to Gaze Into the Abyss With

If you haven’t heard, we shot a new telescope into space recently to look at new galaxies and planets. We won’t be seeing the first images from the Webb telescope for the next like 6 months, which means there’s a lot of time for you to get your friends together and play trivia together or something. For those who are going to be getting super competitive over facts together, here are some space trivia team names that you might wish were also left alone in space.

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17 Space Trivia Team Names

1. We’re in the Ozone

Getting more stuff in the ozone layer probably isn’t good for ozone depletion. But hey, you guys were on a hot streak and got a lot of questions. You’re in the zone. It’s worth it. Right?


2. Purely Pluto-nic

Wait, are you describing your relationship here, or are you trying to tell us that you brought plutonium into the pub?

3. Space Invaders

If you don’t remember Space Invaders, come on now..

4. We Can’t Answer Because Mercury Is in Retrograde

It’s only tangentially space themed, but Mercury being in retrograde seems to come up all the time. 

5. Gravitationally Challenged

New way to say you’re big boned. We’re just dense.

6. Apollo 18

We just want to go back to the moon, okay?

7. The Medium Dippers

Big Dipper is pretty cool. Little Dipper, also noteworthy. Not us, though.

8. Smartians 

Are you also going to be good samaritans too?

9. All Stars

Somebody once told–

Oh, you meant your team was actually just a bunch of celestial balls of fire so dense they undergo nuclear fusion. 

10. Pluto Is A Planet*

Alternatively, take the stance that Pluto isn’t a planet. This team name works on two fronts!

It will be polarizing, though.

11. Take Us to Your Leader

So we can ask them for all the points.

12. Team Rocket

We’re blasting off again.

13. 63 Earths Could Fit in Uranus

No really, Uranus has a volume 63 times that of Earth. 

Also, haha planet name sound like butt go brr.

14. Unidentified Trivia Objects

Just shine some lights in the sky weirdly and you’ll probably end up on one of those aliens documentaries on the History channel next year.

15. One Small Step for Man…

One giant mood from watching astronauts trip on the moon.

16. Nobody Can Hear You Scream

Which is why we write our answers down, instead of screaming them unproductively.

Also we’re trying to be quiet so we can hide from the scary alien.

17. Intelligent Life


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