17 Final Fantasy Trivia Team Names You Can Add to Your Party

If you know someone who likes Final Fantasy they’re probably losing their minds over Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, which is the most profitable Final Fantasy game now and also releasing very soon. Unless you pre-ordered, in which case they let people in early as a bid to convince people to pay for products before anyone knows anything about the product quality. Anyway video game business practices aside, Final Fantasy has been kicking around since 1987, and such a brand powerhouse in Japan it made an appearance at the Olympics. Anyway whether you grew up on the 8-bit originals, a westerner who found out through Final Fantasy VII in the 90s, or just watching Final Fantasy XIV steal players from World of Warcraft, here are some Final Fantasy trivia team names you can use while you ponder the irony that there will never be a “final” Final Fantasy game.

Final Fantasy Trivia Team Names

1. The Chocobros

Do normal animals exist in the Final Fantasy universe or are chocobos their version of chickens/horses? Do people eat chocobos?

2. Dank Knights

If you chose dark knight you probably just wanted to have the same name as Batman. Honestly fair, but your armor is probably going to get sweaty and gross if you don’t change.

Dank, even.

3. The Dragoonies

The movie needed more dragons, anyway.

4. Simon and Carbuncle

Who wouldn’t want to follow their act with a glowing, magic, rabbit-ferret-thing?

5. My Mom Only Knows Small Anime Boy With Sword

You did, too.

6. The Warriors of Fartness

Look, you finished Shadowbringers, you’re feeling all hyped up because you’re the Warrior of Darkness now, it’s great.

But also, yesterday was Taco Tuesday.

7. I’m Here to Kill Chaos

Nobody let them forget about that 2 minute video where the main character, dressed in a ratty t-shirt, said “chaos” like 14 times and then called it an announcement.

8. Cool as a Cactuar

Unless you’re that weird blue alien cactuar from Endwalker.

9. Fat Chocobo

Remember what we said about chocobos being food?

10. Limit Broken

Except for that time you used the limit break and then the game decided it wanted to play a cutscene and stop all the damage you were about to do and waste like 30 minutes of your time.

No we don’t have unaddressed trauma from our collective childhoods, you do. 

11. Googol of Moogles

Look, now you can remind everyone a Googol (1 * 10^100) is also a number.

12. We Hoarded All the Phoenix Downs

And now the game is over and we have nothing to use them on.

13. Eggwalker

If you know. You know.

14. Trivia Night (Savage)


15. Have you heard of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV? With an expanded free trial which you can play through–

Yes and you’re probably already preaching to the choir. You’ve also definitely annoyed the host with this stale meme

16. Tonberry Shortcake

They even come with tiny knives to cut the cake with.

17. We’re Just Waiting for Queue to Pop

Expansion release queues are brutal, man. 

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