New Badges: Menace to Skywalker, Reruns, and Gettin’ Griddy Wit It

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A long time ago, with some badges far, far away…

Menace to Skywalker: Three trilogies worth of movies condensed into nine VERY short plot summaries. Get 100% on Episodes I-IX in the Star Wars Start to Finish playlist.

Reruns: This badge is designed to make you say ‘What’s Happening!!’. Beat your previous score (or your best time, if your previous score was 100%) on 50 Television quizzes you have played before.

Gettin’ Griddy Wit It: This is the perfect way to celebrate the 21st year of the Willennium, if you celebrate. Play at least 25 Grid quizzes in one hour.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.