New Badges: I Sprint Marathons, Tic Tac Boom, and Ruth Batman Ginsburg

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Make sure you’ve hydrated and done your pre-race stretches.

I Sprint Marathons: Fun fact: if Usain Bolt were able to run a marathon at the same speed he ran the 100 meters, he’d be able to do it in 67 minutes (almost an hour faster than the world record). Play 1,000 quizzes in a 30 day span.

Tic Tac Boom: Imagine playing tic-tac-toe but exploding every time you lose; that’s what you’re up against here. Get 100% on 15 quizzes from bhenderson79’s Tic-Tac-Trivia playlist.

Ruth Batman Ginsburg: We know Batman loves justice, but this might be a little too much, even for him. Play 25 total Justice quizzes.

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