Five Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

(for People Who Aren't Thrilled by the Idea of Holiday Parties)

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Actual photo of anyone reading this


Some people love the holiday season more than anything else. They get excited when they hear Mariah’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” blaring in every grocery store on November 1st. They’re so impossibly enthusiastic about planning a holiday party that you’d think someone gave them a basket of adorable puppies.

(Un)fortunately, that’s not the case for all of us. Some of us have been volun-told to organize a party. Others might feel obligated to have a holiday get-together with some more festively-inclined family and friends. Regardless, we’ve got some ideas that’ll keep everyone happy.

Watch a cheesy Hallmark holiday movie together

Bask in the glow of impossibly-white teeth with your friends or coworkers and watch a Hallmark holiday movie together. All you need is a video calling platform like Zoom or Skype. There’s no need to hit “play” at the exact time as your friends since we all know how it’s going to end.


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You’re almost obligated to provide as sarcastic of a commentary as possible

Huge Hallmark movie fan? Or not? Try your chances at adapting the titles of some blockbuster movies!

Send your attendees a box of crafts to do as a group!

If The Circle taught us anything, it’s that having someone deliver a box of fun activities to you and your friends’ doors is always entertaining. Making it holiday-themed is just a bonus. Find a party coordinating service, or order activity & craft boxes from Etsy or Amazon. Have them delivered to your friends or coworkers and enjoy the shared struggle.

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I mean, the bar is really low

Want to really put in as little effort as possible? Have fun while coming up with ideas for crafts while playing this quiz!


Share your favorite holiday recipes and cook them together

The holidays are all about food and friends. Bring these two together virtually with a “cooking class” led by you or a friend! After you decide who will be leading the bake-off and what you’ll be cooking, send a list of ingredients to your coworkers. Cook them together over Zoom and enjoy baking fails and successes! Bonus points if you make Chtullah.

Challah bread woven into the shape of Chtulhu
We could all take lessons from Reddit’s u/thecookingofjoy

Do you think you’re the master of holiday foods? Test your knowledge with this quiz.

Compete in virtual party games

Whether you’re guessing what your coworkers answered when asked “Things you do at holiday parties” or are trying to name TV shows that acknowledge the existence of holidays other than Christmas, Sporcle Events is here to make things easy. We offer team trivia in long and short formats, as well as OpinioNation (think Family Feud). The best part is that our live hosts can keep things fun while telling someone their answer is very wrong.

Two sequential images from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. One is a game show host (Keegan Michael Key) asking "Charlie, I just need you to name one animal we eat but doesn't eat us." In the next frame, Charlie Day says "That's easy. Dragon."
You might get these answers if you choose OpinioNation.

Or play OpinioNation on your own!

Big company? Friends everywhere? Don’t limit it to just one hour!

Are your attendees all over the world? Party around the clock together! Pick hosts for 2 hr blocks and let people drop in as they’re available. Maybe don’t stay logged into Zoom while you sleep. That’s just weird.

Still from the movie Elf. Buddy (Will Ferrell) is asked "How did you sleep last night" and responds "Great, I got a full 40 minutes."
Party like you just ate maple-syrup coated spaghetti

You’ve heard of running marathons and TV marathons, but have you heard of typing marathons?

None of these appealing?

Your best bet is probably to procrastinate with online trivia until the time crunch inspires motivation…or until someone else decides to take on the task.