18 Nintendo Pick-Up Lines

(Last Updated On: September 9, 2022)
18 Nintendo Pick-Up Lines

If you’ve been spending a lot of time indoors lately, then it might be difficult to find the time to go out and meet people. Luckily, however, you’re not the only one staying inside and experiencing life vicariously through video games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons

A household name, Nintendo is known the world over for being a force of unparalleled proportions in the video game industry. So, it’s fair to assume that your next special someone will share your love of a certain red-clad Italian plumber. I mean, even Queen Elizabeth II probably knew who Mario was

All that remains is to try out some killer pick-up lines and see if you get any bites. We’ve come up with a few Nintendo-themed winners below to aid you on your quest to find your Player Two.

18 Nintendo Pick-Up Lines

1. I Pika-choose you!

Here’s hoping sparks fly.

2. Kirby my baby.

Kirby my little baby.

3. I love you so much that my heart is Bulbasaur.

If you want to convey a more evolved love, you can replace “Bulbasaur” with “Ivysaur” or “Venusaur.” The point is, you’re hurting.

4. Is your name Hitmonchan? Because you’re a knockout.

Hopefully you’re their type. (Fighting, in this case.)

5. When I first saw you, I was so stunned I did a barrel roll.

Maybe this one comes across as too… Peppy?

6. Are you Raymond from Animal Crossing? Because I’d spend all my Bells on you.

Remember that time when a smug bespectacled cat was making people lose their marbles on the internet, to the extent that they would spend actual money to get him to live on their island? Yeah, me neither.

7. Date me, and I’ll take you to all sorts of New Horizons.

New horizons where the economy is controlled exclusively by a raccoon/tanuki/thing and we are in debt to him forever. On second thought…

8. Are you Daisy Mae? Because you really turnip me on.

Turnips are a hot commodity in Animal Crossing, and Daisy Mae is the pig pulling all the market’s strings.

9. Will you be my S-Support?

You can pair up characters in the Fire Emblem franchise, leading to in-game mechanical benefits. If only matchmaking in real life were so easy…

10. Just call me Donkey Kong, because I’m bananas about you.

Please disregard that one time when I kidnapped a lady named Pauline. I’m a changed ape.

11. They said my princess was in another castle, but it looks like you’re right here.

When in doubt, dazzle them with ancient memes.

12. I must be Mario, because when I first saw you, I shouted, “Wahoo!”

“It’s-a-me! Your-a-date!”

13. Us dating will be the greatest crossover since Super Smash Bros.

But with regular flowers, not the ones that shoot fire.

14. Did you use your Boo item on me in Mario Kart? I think it flew over and stole my heart.

This one has the additional benefit of rhyming!

15. Wii would be great together.

Alternate option: Wii U be mine?

16. Are you a Nintendo console? Because I’m Game, Boy.

Ready to Switch things up?

17. Do you play Splatoon? I have an Inkling you’re into me.

It’s that other Squid Game.

18. I’ve finally located the Triforce: you, me, and this bottle of Lon Lon Milk.

If only Ganon knew that the secret to world domination was romance.

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