New Badges: Piece Out, A Remedy for the Blues, and OK Bloomer

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We promise we’ll leaf you alone with badge-based puns this week.

Piece Out: Think of this like a really fancy set of 20 jigsaw puzzles. Get 100% on 10 quizzes each from AuroraIllumina’s Images Hidden in Maps! and Find the Pieces of Art! playlists.

A Remedy for the Blues: These four quizzes are basically designed to get you to cheer up! Get 100% on Colors of the RainbowFind the Favorite ThingsDancing Animals, and Find the Happy Puppies.

OK Bloomer: We’re looking to plant some knowledge in your head by getting to the roots of quizzes about flowers and trees. Play 25 total Plants quizzes.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.