New Badges: Television Tom Yum, Blursday, and You’ve Got a Badge in Me

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2021)
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Earning these badges will help get your numbers closer to infinity…and beyond!

Television Tom Yum: Quizzes about cooking shows aren’t required for this badge, but you can claim to be the Mayor of Flavortown if you do. Play 5 Television quizzes of each game type in the same day.

Blursday: Feel free to play Blur’s ‘Song 2’ 30 times to keep you motivated with this particular challenge…or Looney Tunes cartoons. Play 30 quizzes on a Thursday in one hour.

You’ve Got a Badge in Me: We thought about going with ‘There’s a Snake in My Badge’ for this one but figured this was more iconic. Get 50% or more on ‘Toy Story’ ToysFollow That Line: Toy Story, and Toy Story Character Blitz.

Also, don’t forget that we’ve started adding levels to some of our badges with many, many more coming soon! To access this new feature, you just need an Orange account!

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

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