New Badges: Carthbadge, Music Mission, and Every Dog Has Its Badge

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2021)
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Don’t go barking up the wrong tree for this week’s badges!

Carthbadge: Tunisia is joining the country badge club! That’s just too-nice! Get 50% or more on The Tunisia QuizTop 20 Cities of Tunisia on a Map, and Governorates of Tunisia.

Music Mission: It’s like going to a massive festival from the comfort of your computer! In one day, play an unpublished Curator Picked quiz from each Music subcategory.

Every Dog Has Its Badge: We figured that since cats have their own badge, it was really ruff that dogs were being denied. Play Women with DogsDogs in Strange CostumesFamous Fictional Dogs, and Click a Canid on International Dog Day (August 26th).

Also, don’t forget that we’ve started adding levels to some of our badges with many, many more coming soon! To access this new feature, you just need an Orange account!

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.