18 of the Most Fermented Food Themed Trivia Team Names 

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2021)

If there was a skill quite a few of us learned through 2020, it’s how to cook. Mostly because takeout or delivery literally costs an arm and a leg. So now that we’re all experts at cooking in tiny overpriced apartment kitchens that are also our bedrooms, here are some cooking and food themed trivia team names you can use in someone else’s kitchen. 

Fermented Trivia Team Names 

1. Let’s Get this Bread

Definitely not because it’s the only thing we had in the pantry.

2. Idiot Sandwiches

On second thought, don’t get the bread.

3. The Impasta

4. Donut Give Up

Yeah, just give us the donut. Obviously. 

5. What Is Butter?

If butter is now getting marketed as something you can’t believe isn’t butter, what the heck is butter anyway?

6. Natural Born Grillers

Feel free to use this as your chance to start a yelling match over whether propane or charcoal grilling is better.

7. Simmer Down

You can stop fighting about grills now.

8. Okie Dokie Smartichokie

When you leave, also say “see you later alligator” and everyone will immediately know you teach elementary school kids. 

9. Pasta La Vista

We sent the pasta robot back in time to kill the tomato before it ever grew.

10. Out of Thyme

Shoot. Maybe we sent the pasta robot back in thyme?

11. Fomenting Fermented Food Fighters

As common as fermenting food and drink is, the word “ferment” just feels a lot less appetizing than the food that comes out the other side. 

12. The Munchies

Couldn’t be us.

You know sometimes your roommates just find you at 3 AM in the living space with a bowl of instant ramen you threw some spinach in and called a day. Maybe also some ice cream.

13. The Tomato Tyrants

Well now you know why we sent the pasta robot back in time. 

14. Stop, Guac, and Roll

This is also effective when there is a fire. It’ll work exactly one time in the same way anyone can jump into a volcano. Once.

15. We’re One in a Melon

That’s right. We’re that one seed in the seedless melon that convinced you you cracked a tooth.

16. Hopeless Ramentics

Ha, jokes on you. We did get ramen at 3 AM while our groggy eyed partner asked if we were okay.

We weren’t.

17. Cast Iron Crimes

This is definitely the name of an organized crime syndicate that goes around ruining peoples cast iron skillets by cleaning them wrong

18. Just the Wurst

Mandatory team uniform.

Hey, at least it’s an honest name. Don’t let anyone know how the sausage is made.

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