New Badges: Just Use a Calculator, Thou Shalt Earn This Badge, and The Founder

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We’ve got math, Matt, and…The Book of Matthew…this week!

Just Use a Calculator: We were told there would be no math. Get 100% on The Order of Operations6 Trigonometric Functions, and Click the Types of Triangles.

Thou Shalt Earn This Badge: This is the second commandment of Sporcle; the first is ‘Thou Shalt Learn to Spell Kyrgyzstan’. Play 25 unpublished quizzes that have received an Editor Pick in Religion.

The Founder: We’re celebrating Matt today! Revisit some of our founder’s legendary games by beating the average on 5 of Matt’s quizzes in a variety of categories & game types on each day of the week. Click on the badge link for more information about what to do here!

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.