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(Last Updated On: June 30, 2021)

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With so many countries, states, provinces (and other ways to define municipalities) flying their own flags, a lot of them are bound to be similar. We kind of have that for literature right now, you can find basically anything that has been or will be written right here in the Library of Babel. Anyway, onto flags. Let’s take a look at some similar looking flags–some of which you shouldn’t be faulted for getting confused. 

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Similar Flags

Chad and Romania

The differences between Chad and Romania’s flags are slight, and only in color. Both feature blue, yellow, and red stripes (in that order from left to right). But the colors are different! For example the blue on Chad’s flag is hexadecimal code #00205B while the blue on Romania’s is #002B7F.

Flag of Chad Flag of Romania

Andorra and Moldova

Both Andorra and Moldova feature the blue, yellow, and red stripes like Chad and Romania. They have their coat of arms smack dab in the middle to differentiate themselves, though. 

Flag of Andorra Flag of Moldova

Netherlands and Luxembourg

Flag of the Netherlands Flag of Luxembourg

Croatia and Paraguay

Flag of Croatia Flag of Paraguay

Russia, Slovenia, and Slovakia

Separated by a coat of arms, their tricolor is also Netherlands and Luxembourg’s reordered. 

Flag of Russia Flag of Slovenia Flag of Slovakia

Bahrain and Qatar

Flag of Bahrain Flag of Qatar

Guinea and Mali

Like Chad and Romania, the flags of Guinea and Mali feature similarly colored strips. Their shades differ slightly, but the prime difference is the order. Guinea’s flag is basically Mali’s flag but in reverse (and vice versa). 

Senegal’s flag looks a lot like Mali’s too–but they have a star in the middle. 

Flag of Guinea Flag of Mali

Ireland and Ivory Coast

Just like Guinea and Mali, the flags of Ireland and Ivory Coast are mirrors of each other. So similar are their flags that in March 2018, the IAAF’s World Indoor Championship forgot to put up Ivory Coast’s flag. Winning the gold medal for the women’s 60 meter dash, Ivory Coast’s Murielle Ahoure just picked up Ireland’s flag and flipped it around

Flag of Ireland Flag of Ivory Coast

Monaco, Indonesia, and Poland

Monaco and Indonesia’s red and white stripes come in the same order, but slightly different shades–just like Chad and Romania. But this time we can throw in the Polish flag as a bonus! Like Guinea and Mali, it’s a mirror of Monaco or Indonesia. 

The symbolism behind Monaco and Indonesia’s flags differ, though. Monaco references their coat of arms, while Indonesia’s is tied to its association to the Majapahit empire

Flag of Monaco Flag of Indonesia Flag of Poland

Kenya and South Sudan

With a similar black, white, red, and green stripe pattern, the flags of Kenya and South Sudan are differentiated by a shield and star, respectively. The stripes on both flags share the same symbolic meaning–representing Pan-Africanism

Flag of Kenya Flag of South Sudan

Italy and Mexico

Flag of Italy Flag of Mexico

Haiti and Liechtenstein

They didn’t figure out how similar their flags were until the 1936 Olympics.

Flag of Haiti Flag of Liechtenstein

India and Niger

Flag of India Flag of Niger

Peru and Canada

Flag of Peru Flag of Canada

Bolivia and Ghana

Flag of Bolivia Flag of Ghana

Hungary and Tajikistan

Flag of Hungary Flag of Tajikistan

Argentina, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras

Flag of Argentina Flag of El Salvador Flag of Nicaragua Flag of Honduras

Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, and Syria

Flag of Egypt Flag of Iraq Flag of Yemen Flag of Sudan Flag of Syria

Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador

Flag of Columbia Flag of Venezuela Flag of Ecuador

The United States of America, Malaysia, and Liberia

They each feature a different number of stripes (13, 14, and 11 respectively), but from a distance you might not be counting. The stripes also mean different things. America’s stripes represent the 13 original colonies, Malaysia’s represent its member states, while Liberia’s represent the signatories of the Liberian Declaration of Independence.

Flag of the USA Flag of Malaysia Flag of Liberia

Norway and Iceland

Sharing the same design and colors (but colored a little differently), Norway and Iceland’s flags are similar thanks to their Danish origins. 

Flag of Norway Flag of Iceland

Australia and New Zealand

Their flags are similar thanks to the whole “being British colonies once” thing. 

Flag of Australia Flag of New Zealand

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