15 Cheese Themed Pick-Up Lines for the Cheesy

(Last Updated On: June 1, 2021)

If your community is opening up again, you might be looking to find a special someone to spend time with. What’s a better way to get to know someone than with a platter of cheese? Well… probably anything else if one of you is lactose-intolerant–but at that point it’s about your sense of adventure. Or your constitution. Anyway, here are some cheese themed pick-up lines you can use over a fancy cheese platter. Make sure you know how to fancily introduce that Kraft cheddar square in the middle.

Cheese Pick-Up Lines

1. We would be gouda together.

Unless we’re both lactose intolerant. Then we’d just be better together.

2. I want to grow mold with you.

Just like blue cheese! 

Ignore the layer that cheese is just curdled milk, and one of the few things that separates cheese from mold is the bacteria used on the milk.

3. You make me crumble like feta.

Well maybe you should be more put together. 

Hopefully your date hasn’t been on one in a long time too.

4. You’re sharp as cheddar.

For those who value the mind over the body.

5. Say cheese!

Are you taking a picture? Have you used so many pick-up lines that it’s just unclear? 

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6. I promise I’m more attractive than a munster.

It’s pretty hard to be more attractive than cheese though. Like. It’s cheese. Come on.

7. Will you brie mine?

Hopefully you or your date don’t have an ex named Brie or something. About 2% of people might have it as their first name so… you do the math.

8. I like cheese.

Everyone likes cheese. Now you have something in common.

9. Without you, my heart is like Swiss cheese. 

Full of holes.

10. I’m a Kraft single ready to mingle.

You might lose points for just throwing a brand name into your pick-up line instead of anything else.

11. Our date will be legen-dairy.

Take the Lactaid first, though. 

12. Do you like your dates like you like your cheese? 

Smelly. Yes, that’s why we smell. No other reason.

13. Don’t leave me provolone.

Especially when we can eat the cheese provo-together.

14. I’m grate in bed.

Don’t bring the cheese grater. Sounds painful.

15. Netflix and curdle?

This sounds kind of gross outside of the cheese context. 

Even in the cheese context.

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