What Is the Most Expensive Chip?

(Last Updated On: May 12, 2021)

Was this post born because someone left an open bag of potato chips in the breakroom? We’ll never tell but sometimes chips are expensive, and most of the time absurdly so. But looking at how much people will pay for random things because they just have dumb amounts of money is fun, so let’s do that. Like that time someone bought a picture of a potato for like 1 million dollars. Jokes on them, since we can just… Look up the photo. Here’s a tweet of the picture. What is the most expensive chip?

Also fun fact, Pringles technically aren’t potato chips. No like the FDA says Pringles can only call their product “chips” if they have a big asterisk that says they use “dried potato ingredients.” Pringles probably doesn’t like you knowing that, which makes it all the better that you do know that. 

The Most Expensive Potato Chip

Think about how much you’d be willing to pay for a bag of potato chips. You’ve probably been annoyed at how empty the bag is when you feed the vending machine a couple dollars. 

So what if we told you there were chips where just one costs like $11? What if we told you they came in boxes of individually wrapped chips that cost like $56?

Well if you thought this sounds like an incredibly stupid publicity stunt, you’d be right. St. Erik’s (a Swedish brewery that makes expensive beer) had these on a limited run in 2016. So this is all some prank, and the chips were never real, St. Eriks were just putting themselves on the map with a fancy webpage

No, wrong again. These expensive chip boxes are real and sold out. Almost immediately. 

Worth it? Probably not, but at least St. Erik’s said they would donate the profits made from these chips. They also crammed them full of rare ingredients, like Leksand onions and potatoes that only grow to the east. 

Are they good? We don’t know, because we didn’t buy them. 

Singular Chips

But what about the most expensive chip, singular? 

Well here’s a single $49 chip. They’re one of those social media food-challenge chips where they’re supposed to be dummy spicy. So we guess you’re paying for the experience, and if you’re a streamer it’s a tax write-off anyway. But there you go, one of the most expensive, singular, commercial chips. They use the Carolina Reaper, it was declared the spiciest pepper in a while ago (almost twice as spicy as the Ghost Pepper in Scoville units). 

Though there’s the new Pepper X, breaching 3 million Scovilles (SHU), where the Carolina Reaper sits in between 1.5 to 2 million. So when someone makes a new expensive chip they’ll have to use Pepper X. 

New food challenge when?


This was all commercial sale, but what about private auction? People are willing to pay tons for anything unique, like that million dollar potato picture. Plus there was this whole thing about people finding Jesus in their food

Well remember that time the internet was really obsessed with Harambe the gorilla? We were so obsessed with Harambe that people thought Harambe took a bunch of votes in the American 2016 election. As chaotic as that would be, the way American elections work wouldn’t allow for a black-horse write-in candidate to just show up right before an election and win. But that’s an exploration for another time.

Anyway, someone found a Cheeto that looked kind of like Harambe? It was bid up on eBay to $99,900 and sold

While trolls on eBay tend to bid everything up, and expecting people to pay up most of the time is probably futile, maybe keep an eye out for memes in your food. 

See if you can tell what’s a chip or some leaves here.

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