New Badges: A Real Gas, kFantastic, and The Very Hungry Badgerpillar

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2021)
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If you don’t earn these three badges, you’ll feel like you’ve been pranked.

A Real Gas: When you get this badge, feel free to shout out ‘whoopee’! Play 25 unpublished quizzes that have received an Editor Pick in Just For Fun.

kFantastic: We’re honoring one of our former Editors and most prolific quizmakers! Play at least 15 kfastic Picture Box quizzes and 15 kfastic Picture Click quizzes in one day.

The Very Hungry Badgerpillar: Read enough kids books, and you too can become a butterfly. Get 75% or more on Find the Children’s Books10 to 1: Children’s Books, and Children’s Book Characters.

Just a note, but Billionaire Club is back in the Sporcle vault. If you didn’t earn it this time around, it will be back open in about 950 million or so plays…

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.