8 of the Coolest National Animals

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2021)

coolest national animals

National animals. Most countries have one, but lots of them have more than one–because everyone has to one-up everyone else. Think we’re joking? Mexico has 7 national animals. A national animal, a national dog, a national mammal (aren’t dogs mammals?), a national arthropod, a national feline (still a mammal), a national marine mammal, and a national amphibian. Here’s a list of some of the coolest national animals. 

Coolest National Animals

The Axolotl: Mexico

Axolotl’s don’t care about anything, and they look really cool while they’re at it. Honestly, they don’t have to care about anything. They basically have regenerative powers on the level of the Wolverine. Like the X-Man. They can regenerate limbs after they get cut off, and even their hearts or parts of their nervous system. If we could have our arm ripped off and just… be okay, we’d probably care as little as axolotls do.

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Speaking of Mexico, because we kind of roasted them for having 7 national animals. The axolotl is their national amphibian, but their official national animal is the golden eagle. It’s like America’s bald eagle but not bald and gold. Actually they’re brown. Not bald, though.

The Komodo Dragon: Indonesia

It’s called the Komodo dragon. How could it not make this list? Their brute strength can shatter trees. Fun fact, Komodo dragons will put food into their mouths and sprint full speed into trees so they can force food into their mouths faster. They’ll also eat basically anything, except the stomach contents of their prey.

Not because it’s dirty, because Komodo dragons will eat rotting meat. It’s just because they prey commonly on herbivores, and herbivores eat vegetables. Komodo dragons just want to avoid the veggies.

So if you were a picky, annoying kid who didn’t eat what their parents told them to you weren’t being the worst. You were being a Komodo dragon, we guess.

Also they use venom that keeps your blood from clotting.

The Betta Fish: Thailand

You can get them from Petco for like… very few dollars. They’re just pretty. 

The Kiwi: New Zealand

They’re the smallest ratite, which is a group of flightless birds that includes the likes of emus and ostriches. 

Like other small birds, they’re kind of cute–and they also have really big eggs. Kiwi eggs are like 20% the weight of the average female. Laying that must feel like finally pooping after being really constipated, or something. 

Further, the program for kiwi conservation (since kiwis are suffering due to deforestation) is named Operation Nest Egg. That’s just objectively a good name for an operation.

The Emu: Australia

Honestly, it’s pretty bold that Australia would make their national bird one they literally lost a war to. 

But hey, emus are the second largest living bird and the largest ones endemic to australia. Being so big and being able to run over 30 miles per hour, maybe Australians were just scared of losing wars to them in the first place.

Also emus have dinosaur feet. 

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The (Atlantic) Blue Marlin: Bahamas

Take one look at this fish and tell us it isn’t awesome enough to make this list with a straight face. 

The Wolf: Estonia, Portugal, Serbia, Turkey

Look at that good boy.

Estonia chose their national animal in 2018, beating out such intense competitors as… the hedgehog. Portugal has the more narrow Iberian wolf, and Turkey chose the gray wolf. 

If you have a pet dog just watch them do something dumb and remember that they share a legacy with one of history’s greatest pack hunters. 

The Unicorn: Scotland

It’s a unicorn. Yes, this is real. Yes, it’s better than your national animal. No, we are not accepting questions at this time. 

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