19 Summer Trivia Team Names That’ll Bring the Heat

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2021)

Summer might not technically start until the end of June, but summer weather certainly has decided it wants to push itself up earlier thanks to this neat thing called climate change. Depending on where you are, heat waves have either already hit, or they’re about to hit pretty soon. So as we turn up the heat and as people lucky enough to own AC units turn up the cooling, it might be time to turn up the heat on your trivia game. You know, since we can always be cramming our heads with more random facts; because you can cram your brain full of a ton of data. So here are some summer trivia team names to keep up with the weather.

Summer Trivia Team Names

1. Beach, Please

Just insult everyone, and if someone calls you out just tell them you were calling out to your team. 

2. Tropic Like it’s Hot

We are pretty hot, so thanks for reminding us. 

3. Seas the Day

Carpe diem? More like we went fishing and now have a carp we don’t know what to do with.

4. Game of Cones

Brace yourselves. Summer is coming. 

5. We Were Pier Pressured into This

A team name for you introverts out there. 

6. Can’t Believe We Put on Pants for This

Don’t people wear shorts or something during the summer? Shoutout to your one friend who still wears slacks and maybe a jacket while everyone else is in shorts or whatever. They should fight your friend who wears shorts in the Winter to see who has the superior wardrobe.

7. We’re Not Fat We’re Just Making Waves

Be the change you want to see. 

8. Sun Tanning Should Be an Olympic Sport

The only problem is everyone can only get bronze.

9. Salt Water Heals All Wounds

Use this advice at the beach, but only for people you don’t like.

Visual representation of how salty they will be after taking your advice.

10. Tis the Sea-sun

Just… Hope they let you write this one down.

11. Spreading Like a Wildfire

Are you talking about the pandemic or the fact that wildfire season started in April for Northwestern Americans?

12. It’s So Hot the Heatwave Waved Back

Except instead of a nice greeting, we got heat stroke. 

13. The HydroHomies

Did you know that 100% of people who drink dihydrogen monoxide die?

It’s important to stay hydrated

14. Aboat Time We Won

We can’t afford a boat, so this is the closest we’ll get in summer weather. 

15. We’ve Got the Burning Answers

If you have burning questions at trivia night you’re either the quizmaster or you’re in the wrong place.

16. All Sauced Up

Do people still have summer barbeques?

17. Our Buns Are Out

Well they did always say “sun’s out, buns out” right?

18. We’re Still Salty

It doesn’t matter what about, everyone’s salty about something. Except freshwater fish, maybe. Life’s a beach, and then you die. 

 19. The top 15 U.S. food and beverage companies generate nearly 630 million metric tons of greenhouse gases every year.

There is no meme. We’re just still salty about climate change

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