How Big Is 4 Billion? 20 Ways You Told Us

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2021)

How Big Is 4 Billion

We’re rapidly approaching 4 billion quiz plays, which is a lot. Like no really. To put it into perspective, 1 million seconds is about 11.6 days, but 1 billion seconds is 31.7 years. That means 4 billion seconds is about 126 years! Let’s look at it another way, if each of those 4 billion quizzes took about 2 minutes to play, it would take you about 15,210 and a half years to get through them all. Mind you, 15,000 years ago we hadn’t even domesticated the pig yet! So yeah, 4 billion is big. That’s why we enlisted your help to wrap heads around it.

Here are some of the random ways the Sporcle community helped us express 4 billion.

How Big Is 4 Billion?

1. “One four billionth of the surface of the Earth is about 25% of the area of Vatican City. One four billionth of the Earth’s mass is still about 3,000 times heavier than the total mass of all humans on Earth.”

Yeah, Earth is pretty massive. Deal with it.

2. “Four billion grams of milk chocolate contains enough theobromine to kill one hundred thousand people.”

Doesn’t matter, we got to eat a bunch of chocolate.

3. “It takes a month for a man to produce 4 billion sperm cells. It would take 10-13.3 million women their entire reproductive lifetimes to ovulate 4 billion egg cells.”

Apologies for the unexpected trip back to middle school health class.

4. “If I continue to play quizzes at my historical rate, I will play my 4 billionth quiz on June 24th, 4,591,404.”

We’ll look forward to your accomplishment in the year 4591404 AD.

5. “4 billion mosquitos weigh as much as one large African bush elephant (~10 tons).”

Ugh. Mosquitoes are the absolute worst.

6. “There are 162 games in a baseball season. If a player was to play in 4 billion games, it would take him roughly 24,691,358 years for him to do that.” 

Well it’s time to get started, no?

7. “William Shakespeare invented 1,700 new words. It would have taken him 2,352,941 more lifetimes to invent 4 billion words.”


8. “If you had $4 billion dollars, you could afford to remake the most expensive movie ever (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) 1062 times.”

That’s a little too much Johnny Depp for our comfort.

9. “If you had a stack of 4 Billion US $1 bills, it would reach the International Space Station (and slightly beyond).”

That’s far out there, but still a fraction of what the actual ISS costs.

10. “If you laid four billion average sized adult narwhals tooth to fin, they would spread the exact distance from Washington to Bishkek and back again A THOUSAND TIMES OVER.”

You had us at narwhals.

Why 4 Billion Actually Isn’t That Big

11. “If you had 4 billion dollars you’d still only be the 719th richest person on Earth.” 


12. “If there were 4 billion different quiz websites and each had 4 billion Saturday Sudokus and ALL of these Sudokus were different, they would account for only about 0.24% of all the possible Sudoku grids.” 

We’re working on it.

13. “$4 billion in Amazon stock today would only be worth $45 million on the day Sporcle was founded, January 30, 2007.”

Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos scoffs at your $4 billion chump change.

14. “If I gave you $1 on day 1, and doubled the amount each day, on day 33, you’d receive $4,294,967,296 (2^32).”

We’ll take that deal.

15. “It took until 1974 to reach 4 billion humans on the planet. 1 billion was reached in 1804, 7 billion in 2011.”

Wait, so is 4 billion a lot or a little?

16. “The physically largest stable atom is the cesium atom, and if you have 4 billion of them together in a cube, you would have a cube with sides of 0.5 microns. Which is far too small to be seen with the naked eye. In fact, you’ll probably struggle to see it even with a decent light microscope too.”

Thank you for reminding us how insignificant 4 billion actually is.

How Big Is 4 Billion? The Obvious

17. “If you ate 4 billion cookies in one day, you’d probably get diabetes.” 

You would also die.

18. “If you ate 4 Billion Apples a day, it would definitely keep the doctor away!” 

Honestly, you’ll probably get the same result as eating 4 billion cookies.

19. “If I had 4 billion attempts, I would still never earn Order of Merlin, First Class.”

And that’s a bad thing?

20. “Four billion copies of this comment would crash Sporcle servers.” 

Please do not try this at home.

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